I have been practising mindfulness and kindness meditation regularly since 2001, having come to practise after being diagnosed with a chronic health condition.  This literally changed my life and gave me the tools to live a creative, wholehearted life, where I could meet life’s difficulties. I have a professional background as a physiotherapist, where I specialised in working with people living with chronic health problems. I have been teaching meditation since 2010 and become an accredited Breathworks trainer in 2014, so that I could bring mindfulness to people living with pain, illness or other difficulties.  I love teaching the Breathworks course, bringing together my personal and professional experience, to offer this excellent set of tools, ideas and practices and then watching the participants changing and benefiting from its magic.


“As a teacher Singhamati is sympathetic, kind and approachable. She is an excellent teacher, able to explain things in different ways and help you to understand things. I felt that she led the group through the techniques really well and showed an understanding of the issues of each individual in the group. I cannot praise her enough, she was wonderful.”


Parveen Poonia

I have been practising mindfulness regularly for about 15 years, and the effects on me have been profound in so many ways. I truly believe mindfulness can transform one’s life, through bringing about a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us, and it is a joy to watch participants form these connections and directly experience the benefits in their own lives. It is from my direct experience of the positive affects of mindfulness practice that inspired me to go on and undertake professional training in teaching mindfulness, so I could make it available to others. I have successfully completed a MSc in Teaching Mindfulness at Bangor University, and have been teaching the MBSR and MBCT programmes since 2013. I also have a professional background in social care and management, and this experience combined with my mindfulness training has enabled me to make mindfulness available to people in a range of settings. I work to the requirements of the ‘Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness Courses’ published by the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainers.

“Parveen is an excellent facilitator. She handled the course with great compassion and kindness. The course was a very safe environment in which to open up about the internal workings of our minds and bodies. It was facilitated well through open and gentle questioning, as and when appropriate. I certainly have learnt a great deal about the mind body connection. A highly recommended course with Parveen. So good I did it twice!!”


Elin Morgan

Personally, I have found Breathworks transformational. I live with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a complex, multi-systemic and incredibly painful illness. The meditations, philosophy and simple life-style techniques have not only eased my physical suffering, they have also alleviated the mental and emotional effects of long-term pain and illness – which can sometimes feel harder to bear than the physical pain.

A huge benefit was learning to accept myself. I used to think I was weak and would push myself with harsh inner language in a vain attempt to not feel quite so broken. I was constantly tense, irritable and sad. I presented myself as independent, happy and healthy; but inside I felt alone, fragile and exhausted

Breathworks helped me discover my true inner strength and harness all the energy I was using up in a battle against myself and channel it into a more courageous, creative and compassionate life. I am delighted to be accredited with Breathworks and relish the opportunity to share my knowledge and personal experience to help others to live well with pain, stress and illness of any kind.

“Elin is an excellent communicator and a warm and compassionate teacher. Her classes have been instructive but most importantly the atmosphere of caring and empathy has been amazing. Elin is very inspiring as she brings her personal experience of pain and illness and how mindfulness has helped her.”